Theta Chi Fraternity placed on Cease and Desist

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – IU placed Theta Chi on Cease and Desist for hazing (C & D) on November 9. Theta Chi is now the second IU fraternity currently on C & D. 

Greek organizations are placed on C & D when there is an immediate threat or ongoing investigation. The other fraternity on C & D is Sigma Alpha Mu. 

There are currently 10 Greek organizations on disciplinary status according to IU’s list.  

Ethan Golde, Interfraternity Council (IFC) President, says that C & D is like a check for Greek organizations. 

“The list is not always a bad thing,” Golde said. “Sometimes it is the best thing for an organization in our community, so just simply having disciplinary status isn’t necessarily a horrible thing. It could just be a probation. It is one of the tools that IFC and the office of student conduct use together to bring people to the table to address whatever might be happening.” 

Golde also said that most of the chapters that are on the disciplinary list come off of it quickly because they’re able to create a plan to make changes and keep chapters and members accountable.