IU Student Television statement regarding Indiana Daily Student walkout

In an effort to provide clarity and address any confusion, IU Student Television Executive Director Emma Watson shares the following statement in regards to the upcoming walkout for the Indiana Daily Student:

“For the past eight months, I have been working behind the scenes with the Media School to assess student media at IU. During my time at IUSTV, we have continuously worked to provide a learning lab for students, while producing content that is competitive nationally.

Currently, IUSTV does not operate at a budget deficit, and we have remained net zero with our finances for the past three years. My mission is to position IUSTV to eventually work as a monetized entity to provide an accelerated experience for students.

To the students, faculty, and alums of IUSTV, we are in a stable position and are eager to continue to grow for the years to come.

I wanted to provide clarity about our situation within the Media School.

I respect my peers and friends with the Indiana Daily Student and their decision to walk out on Thursday, April 25th. I want to make clear that IUSTV will not be participating in the walk-out.

However, we will continue to advocate for and ensure the prosperity of IUSTV and all of student media at IU.”

Emma Watson, IU Student Television Executive Director