IU Board of Trustees votes to protect Kinsey Institute

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (IUSTV News) – The Indiana University Board of Trustees voted unanimously Friday to approve a proposal from IU President Pamela Whitten to protect the future of the Kinsey Institute.

Under the proposal, the previous plan introduced in November, to establish the institute as a non-profit organization would be tossed out, and instead, the university would submit a plan to the Indiana State Board of Accounts to ensure that that no state funding is used in the operations of the Kinsey Institute.

“By endorsing the president’s recommendation today, the board’s action represents a clear commitment to the future excellence of Indiana University,” Board Chair Quinn Buckner said. “As a board, we look forward to our continued collaboration with President Whitten and IU faculty to shape the long-term trajectory of the university.”

Historically, the Kinsey institute has been funded through the IU general fund. The proposal came after the Indiana General Assembly passed House Bill 1001 in 2023, which prohibits IU from using taxpayer dollars to support the Kinsey Institute.

“With the action taken today, we are taking steps to ensure that the Kinsey Institute remains a beacon of intellectual inquiry,” Whitten said. “I offer my thanks to the Board of Trustees for their unwavering commitment and support.”

The Kinsey Institute was established in 1947 as the Institute for Sex Research, and was set up as a separate entity to protect the confidentiality of Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s research. The institute merged with IU in December 2016.