Cyclists express concern over potential changes to 7-Line bike lane

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton has vetoed the city ordinance that would reinstall stop signs at several intersections along Seventh Street. The ordinance narrowly passed in a 5-4 vote at city council’s Oct. 4 meeting.

The original intent of the ordinance was to approve the permanent reinstallation of stop signs at the intersection of Seventh and Dunn Streets. In April of this year, the intersection was converted to an all-way stop by a 180-day mandate from Bloomington City Engineer Andrew Cibor.

Hamilton, who was in favor of the all-way stop at Seventh and Dunn Streets, argued that “safety, use of data, and process are all important in making traffic management decisions.” The mayor said he hopes that with time, more data can be collected to paint a more accurate picture of the corridor .

Hamilton also said that drivers are now getting adjusted to the changes at the intersection, and that further changes may cause crashes to become more common.

A second 180-day mandate has been issued, allowing the stop signs at Seventh and Dunn Streets to remain until council approves the permanent change. Council has the opportunity to override the veto at next Wednesday’s meeting, where the ordinance is once again on the agenda.

The stop signs along Seventh Street were removed following the completion of the 7-Line bike lane in 2021.