Bloomington Brief 10/26/22

From behind the table, here’s your week in Bloomington- briefed. 

Six women in neon green leotards attacked two New York subway riders. The women hope to have their criminal charges edited out in post-production. 

IU alumni Thomas Rank became the first person to marry a can of Mountain Dew on October 5. Rank also made history by becoming the first person to honeymoon at GameStop. 

Bloomington enacted a new curfew for e-scooter usage after two collision incidents. Finally, now drunk drivers can have a safe time getting home. 

Bloomington’s curfew on e-scooters means that no one will be allowed to ride a scooter at night, to protect your safety, and no one will be allowed to ride a scooter during the day, to protect your reputation. 

A new study by Rockefeller University explains why mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than others. It turns out mosquitoes have a type:  women in neon green leotards who attack New York subway riders. 

IU alumni Philip Dybvig won the 2022 Nobel Prize in economics. His banking research has been essential in the regulation of financial markets and handling unprecedented financial crises. So students, take a good look around you. You could be sitting next to the next Nobel Prize winner. Or a guy who’s going to marry a can of mountain dew.