IU Women’s Tennis wins against Ivy League Cornell

IU Women's Tennis match on Feb 25, 2024 at the IU Tennis Center against Cornell. (By: iuhoosiers.com/news Womans Tennis News Website)

The Hoosiers showed their determination this Sunday when they played against Cornell University. The IU Women’s Tennis team came to play as they began their match at 11 am with doubles. Doubles partners Graduate Lene Mari Hovda and Freshman Elisabeth Dunac won their match against Cornell. Where they won it 6-1. Cornell won the other matches and took the doubles portion of the match. The match was 1-2 as doubles ended.

As the singles began, Cornell took court two but the Hoosiers returned with Hovda winning her singles match. She won in straight sets 6-4, 6-2. That match made the match 2-3 for the Hoosiers, and as Dunac won her match 6-4, 6-4 the day was tied 3-3. Then Freshman Li Hsin Lin gave the Hoosiers a win with her match win of 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. Giving the IU Women’s Tennis team the lead as the rest of the matches continued.

Cornell won court one making the match tied once more at 4-4. The only match left in play was Freshman Magdalena Swiercyznska’s court six match. Magda’s match had the fans screaming their support for her as her match played on. When she won the first set hopes were high, but Cornell took the second. When the third set began everyone was there to support and watch as the match was decided.

It looked bleak as the match as Magda was down 5-1, but she came back to win her match 7-5. As she won her teammates rushed to her court to give her a group hug as they won their second match at home in a row. Coach Ramiro also gave her a supportive hug as they sat to discuss the match. 

The Hoosiers won the match 4-3. The IU Women’s Tennis Team now has a record of 6-7 so far this season. More highlights of the match is Freshman Elisabeth Dunac’s personal singles record going to 9-1. The Hoosiers put their sights on their next opponent, Iowa, as the Big Ten conference begins next Saturday, Mar 2, 2024, at the IU Tennis Center.