IU athletic trainer helps IUPD K9 with laser therapy treatments

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) — Indy is an explosives detection K9 with IUPD and has been by IUPD Officer Rob Botts’ side since he was a puppy. 

“I trust him with my life, and I trust everyone’s life to his nose,” Botts said.  

Recently, Indy has been diagnosed with arthritis in his shoulder and dysplasia in his elbow after experiencing pain jumping out of the car and running. 

“If he’s hurting, it is very difficult for him to stay focused on his actual job,” Botts said. 

Indy is currently receiving light therapy treatments from a photo-bio-modulation device to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.  

“The largest problem that K9s have is osteo-arthritis and this has been shown along with other therapies to benefit them,” said Tim Garl, the long-time athletic trainer for the IU men’s basketball team. 

Garls dedication to Indy stems from the crucial responsibility Indy has in maintaining the safety of IU venues, making him strongly valued by IU athletics and the only canine patient Garl intends to treat.  

“We depend on the bomb protection dogs to keep a situation safe and the environment safe,” Garl said.  

Officer Botts expresses his gratitude as he works with Garl to help improve Indy’s state 

“It speaks volumes of the hand-in-hand relationship that the police department has with athletics,” he said. 

Since beginning treatment 5 months ago, Botts said Indy is significantly better and continuing to get better after each treatment. 

“I’m glad to help him get better and keep working to expand his working life,” Garl said.