Bloomington awarded $746k in road repaving grants

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) — Bloomington was awarded a $746,000 grant by the Indiana Department of Transportation for a planned road repaving project this summer, marking the largest grant the city has received from the program.

The project would bring road surface repairs on the west side of the city along Third Street between Patterson Drive and Franklin Road.

“Overall, this project assists in our efforts to continually invest in our transportation network,” said Adam Wason, Director of Public Works for the City of Bloomington. “By proactively investing based on best management practices for pavement maintenance, we are able to make the most efficient use of these resources.”

INDOT started the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program in 2016, and aims to provide funding to cities, towns, and counties across Indiana to make improvements to local roads and bridges, according to INDOT’s website.

Bloomington has received grant funding from the program every year since 2019, totaling $2,764,200.73.

With those grants, the city has completed repaving projects on Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomfield Road, Arlington Road, College Mall Road, Discovery Parkway, Country Club Road, Winslow Road, Park Ridge Road and Smith Road.