Free EV charging stations at Switchyard Park changed to metered stations

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) — If you drive an electric vehicle, you will soon have to pay to charge your car while parking in Switchyard Park.

The four charging stations in the Rogers Street parking lot at the city park are being replaced with metered EV charging stations. The city says the old charging stations are being moved to the Switchyard Park maintenance building to charge the fleet of EVs being used by grounds crews.

Bloomington City Parking Services said that the cost for the EV charging stations is .35 per kWh.

The cost to install the metered stations is $3,100, the city says, and that funding for the project came from local income tax.

There are already electric vehicle charging stations in the Morton Street, Walnut Street, Trades District, and Fourth Street parking garages.