Wright Quadrangle Renovation price tag climbs nearly $20 million

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – The IU Board of Trustees approved of the new $72.3 million estimated construction cost for the Wright Quadrangle Renovation.

According to the project description from IU Capital Planning and Services, the original construction cost was expected to be $50.1 million, not including expenses for furniture, fixtures and equipment .

Construction cost escalation as a result of inflation and supply chain disruptions were listed as the reason officials asked for a higher project budget.

The renovation project will make major upgrades to Wright Quad, including installing central air conditioning, which was a common complaint among students who lived in the dorm.

Apart from updating the design for rooms, lounges, and bathrooms, the residence hall will also receive new electrical, plumbing, security, network connectivity, and fire protection systems. New windows will also be installed.

A new elevator will be installed in the northeast wing, and the exterior of the building will be repaired.

The renovation project is expected to be complete by December 2024.