Section of B-Line Trail closed until Friday

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – A section of the Bloomington B-Line Trail is facing temporary closure this week for the Duke Energy Reliability Project  

The project is dependent on the temporary closure of not only the B-Line Trail, but one of the city’s busiest four-way intersections at Rogers St. And 11th, which will disrupt the daily routines of many Bloomingtonians.  

“Honestly, I think there’s room for improvement. They decided to redirect one of the busiest four-way stops in Bloomington. I mean, when you try to walk across you’ve got cars coming from each direction to try and cut you off,” said IU senior Vaughn Mihok. 

The B-line trail and the intersection are scheduled to be reopened on Friday.  

According to Duke Energy’s website, the project is aimed at creating more reliable energy for the city going forward. Its primary feature is the construction of new transmission lines along a 3.3-mile transmission corridor. Duke Energy says this will provide a continuous, reliable flow of energy throughout the community. 

Duke Energy and the city of Bloomington are touting the project’s positive effect on the region’s infrastructure, but some say that other work needs to be done.