Robert “Bob” Boro still missing after three months

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) — Robert “Bob” Boro is still missing. The 44-year-old father disappeared in the early hours of New Year’s Day after crashing his truck into a house’s garage and porch on South Curry Pike.  

According to the Bloomington Police, tire tracks show Boro was driving his 2010 Ford F-150 truck northbound on South Curry Pike when he veered off to the west side of the road and into the garage and porch of a house in the 1800 block. Police could not find Boro when they arrived, and he hasn’t been seen since.

 Officers did find Boro’s truck with significant damage to the front end, but no airbags were deployed. Additionally, they found no blood or obvious evidence of injury in the truck, but Cassandra Elliott, Boro’s ex-wife, believes he may still have endured head trauma. She also said he’s had several head injuries before and worries the trauma from the crash may have had additional effects as a result.

Photo Courtesy: Cassandra Elliott

Elliott said he also typically kept a firearm in his truck, but she said police did not find it in the vehicle. While the police could not share whether they found a firearm, or whether Boro had one, they did say his phone was left in the truck. 

They searched the area and looked at surveillance footage from surrounding homes and businesses. They also checked with the Bloomington Americans Veterans Post, where he had just spent the evening celebrating the holiday with friends. None of the footage had information that indicated where he could be, BPD Public Information Office Ryan Pedigo said. Elliott organized search parties with community members as well, but these also turned up nothing.  

Photo Courtesy: Cassandra Elliott

The crash site is just a minute away from Boro’s home on Vernal Pike. 

It’s been three months now, and Elliott is still hoping the father of two of her children will be found, no matter the circumstances at this point. 

“I just want him found, that’s all,” said Elliot. “That’s all I care about.” 

She said it’s taken a toll on her family, especially Boro’s two children, as they’ve been living in a perpetual state of worry. 

“We’re just trying to find a new normal,” Elliot said. 

She said originally the police thought he may have left the scene of the accident due to fear of being charged with a crime. However, Elliott did not believe this from the start and still doesn’t. She said he is incredibly active in his kids’ lives and would never leave them for this long without saying something.  

“Bob is not one to walk away from his kids or walk away from an accident like that,” said Elliott. “He wouldn’t have done that.” 

“He’s been in their life every day, since the day they were born,” said Elliot. “He’s never left them.” 

Boro’s case is still an active missing person case with BPD. If you have any information that could help investigators, call BPD at (812) 339-4477.