IUPD investigating reported sexual assault in Briscoe

Warning: this article mentions and includes details of sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) — The Indiana University Police Department is investigating an alleged sexual assault that happened April 21 in Briscoe residence hall, according to an IU Crime Notice issued Friday.

According to the crime notice, IUPD received an anonymous report on April 23 of alleged harassment and battery. IUPD officers gathered additional information from university officials on April 25, and learned that the victim reported that six males of Indian descent, assumed to be freshmen, grabbed her arms and breasts.

IUPD stressed that racial descriptors alone are not a valid reason to profile or cast suspicion on an individual, and that those details are only included in crime notices if it is a serious crime and will help with identifying the suspects.

The victim also reported that the suspects attempted to get them to go back to their floor of the dorm, but was able to talk the men into leaving them alone.

The suspects reside in the residence hall where the offense occurred, and left the floor in the elevator, according to IUPD.

Anyone with information is asked to call the IU Police Department at 812-855-4111.

For more information on sexual violence prevention and resources, see http://stopsexualviolence.iu.edu

Additional safety tips can be found at: https://protect.iu.edu/police-safety/safety-prevention/index.html