IU student speaks about difficulties with CAPS

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – Reese Kelem, a freshman at IU Bloomington studying animal behavior, recently tried to schedule her first appointment with CAPS. CAPS is the counseling and psychological services provided to students on campus through IU’s Student Health Center. Kelem struggled to book her first appointment with CAPS as cancellations cropped up. 

“It is hard to get frequent appointments,” Kelem said. “There’s a lot of cancellations, most of the time the day of too.” 

For students requiring weekly appointments, CAPS inconsistent appointments may be an issue. For Kelem, quickly scheduling an appointment was also difficult, and students may have to wait an extended period of time before their first meeting with a therapist.  

“It ended up being a four-week gap between my first appointment and my second appointment,” Kelem said. It was kind of difficult because I’m talking with a therapist, and they want me to go more frequently, especially with nutrition needs right now.” 

For students who have paid their student health fee, CAPS offers two free appointments per semester. However, students may be discouraged to redeem these appointments if they are unable to book with a therapist.  

Although Kelem ran into a few issues while scheduling with CAPS, she is happy with the treatment they have provided her thus far.  

“It’s difficult to get an appointment, but once you get in, and you get an appointment, and you work with whoever you are working with. They do a pretty good job,” Kelem said. “At least for me personally, I think they did a pretty good job at what they’re doing.”  

To book an appointment with CAPS or to reach their emergency hotline, call: 871-855-5711.