Inside the Barn of Terror 

The Barn of Terror is one of Bloomington’s premier Halloween attractions. Jared Neal, the barn’s owner, gave some insight as to what it is like to own a haunted house. 

“It’s very busy this time of year,” said Neal. “I mean we’ve got a lot of staff we have to keep ready to go, and obviously a lot of people we need to make sure get their scare’s worth.”  

There are plenty of scares to go around. While customers wait in line, they can expect a visit from some chainsaw-wielding clowns, or even Pennywise himself.  

The Barn of Terror is ranked the fifth-best haunted house in Indiana and attracts thousands of visitors each year.  

The barn is in its fifteenth year of operation and offers the traditional haunted house experience as well as a restaurant, trick or treating on Halloween, and zombie paintball for those who prefer a more action-packed experience.  

If you’re interested in visiting the barn of terror, it’s located about 25 minutes north of campus. Be sure to check it out before the season is over.