How to stay safe during “Halloweekend”

Monday is Halloween, but many plan on celebrating over the weekend. IUPD Chief Jill Lees shared some safety tips for students to keep in mind when going out.  

She advised students to stay together and make sure your friends are safe.  

She also said to use rideshare services like Lyft and Uber but to make sure all the details are correct for the ride you ordered before getting into the vehicle.  

Keep your phone charged is crucial in case an emergency happens while out, said Lees, and only eat and drink sealed items so you know nothing unsafe has been added. 

Chief lees also advised students to trust their instincts and to not to be afraid to use the lifeline law, which gives certain immunities to people calling for medical help in the case of an alcohol-related emergency. It can protect both the caller, person in need of medical assistance, and the property owner from charges like underage possession or consumption of alcohol and public intoxication. 

You can also download IU’s campus safety app, Rave Guardian, for more resources.