Bloomington man arrested and charged with raping intoxicated woman

Warning: this article mentions and includes details of sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers.

April 2024 Update: The state has dismissed the charges against Kumar.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (IUSTV News) – A Bloomington man was arrested and faces rape charges after police say he sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman in his apartment Sunday.

Bloomington Police say they responded the early morning of August 6 to IU Health Bloomington Hospital to speak with a woman who had just been sexually assaulted.

Court documents reveal the 21-year-old victim told police she and a man, later identified as 28-year-old Shubham Kumar, were at Brother’s Bar in Bloomington around midnight Sunday.

The victim told police Kumar gave her some kind of pink alcoholic drink which she drank. Kumar also tried to kiss her, but the victim said she told him “no.”

After spending some time at the bar, the victim told police she said she felt very intoxicated and was ready to go home. Kumar offered to get the woman an Uber and helped her walk out of the bar so that she wouldn’t fall.

Once in the Uber, court documents say Kumar changed the address from the victim’s apartment to his apartment on Longview Avenue. The woman said Kumar told her the two would just “hang out,” and she agreed.

At the apartment, the woman said she felt “hazy” and used the restroom. Court documents say Kumar stood inside the bathroom and kept the door open while the victim used the toilet.

The woman told police Kumar also began to try to kiss her again, but she told him no and pushed him away.

She told police she either fell asleep or “blacked out,” and remembered waking up to vaginal pain, with Kumar on top of her. The woman also said she realized she was naked, despite not remembering taking her clothes off.

Court documents allege Kumar then forced her to perform oral sex after she told him no. Other disturbing details in the probable cause affidavit describe Kumar forcibly raping the woman before he laid down next to her.

The woman told police she repeatedly asked to go home and ordered an Uber. The probable cause affidavit says that Kumar helped her down the stairs and into the car.

Once the driver got away from Kumar, the woman told police she had the Uber take her to the hospital instead.

Police say that the victim was able to give very specific details about the apartment the rape had occurred in. Later that morning, they applied for a search warrant at Kumar’s apartment and took him in for questioning.

Court documents say that in the interview, Kumar corroborated many of the details that the woman told police, beginning the interview by saying the victim performed oral sex on him.

Police say, however, that Kumar could not remember if the two had sex because he was too intoxicated, though police say he told them he was “100% sure that everything he did was consensual.”

Kumar was arrested and taken to the Monroe County Jail and charged with Rape when victim is unaware of the defendants actions, and Rape when victim is mentally disabled or deficient. Both are level 3 felonies in Indiana.

Court records show Kumar will be back in court for a hearing on October 3.

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