Around the World 11/15/22

Updates from Ukraine and an explosion in Turkey. Take a look at what’s happening around the world. 


After eight months of Russian control, the Ukrainian city of Kherson is free. On Friday, Ukrainian forces pushed Russian troops east of the city.  

So far, residents have no water, power, or internet, but they are happy to be free of Russian control. Crowds filled Kherson’s central square shouting “glory to Ukraine,” a common patriotic greeting among Ukrainians. Crowds are seen flying Ukrainian flags and congratulating Ukrainian soldiers with some civilians receiving signed autographs from those who fought to regain the city.  

Local residents are describing the liberation of Kherson as the quote: “best day.” 

The Ukrainian occupation of Kherson is a major blow to Putin’s war effort. After Russia’s loss of Kherson, Putin no longer holds control of any Ukrainian capitals. 


On Sunday, almost 80 people were injured in an explosion in Istanbul, Turkey.  

The explosion damaged a tourist area in central Istanbul and took place on one of the main streets of the city. This street is typically crowded with pedestrians and tourists. It has now been closed off by emergency forces. 

The cause of the blast is unknown, but the Turkish Vice President is declaring it a terrorist attack. Turkey’s government has declared a temporary media ban on all reporting of the explosion, which means no videos or broadcasts of the blast or the aftermath are being shown.  

Officials have yet to charge anyone responsible for the attack. 


The Majestic Princess, a cruise liner, docked in Sydney, Australia this weekend with 800 passengers and crew aboard testing positive for COVID-19. 

Those testing positive for COVID-19 are reported to have mild symptoms and guests testing positive were quarantined in staterooms. Those positive for COVID-19 were escorted off the ship and advised to complete an additional five-day quarantine at home. Those testing negative were allowed to leave the ship after completing a negative rapid antigen test.  

This is the third ship from the Princess fleet to experience COVID-19 outbreaks.