Update on Status of Amplify for IUSA’s Election Standing

Amplify for IUSA might have a chance at reclaiming their title as winner of the 2015 IUSA elections.

Thursday, the group–disqualified for omitting a miniature pony and t-shirts from their financial statements–will meet with the Election Committee and The Supreme Court to present their appeal to the infractions.
Election Committee chair, Aparna Srinath, says she believes the omission was due to a misunderstanding through text.

“The Commission was asked whether they would have to list the purchase of t-shirts at a discounted price, or whether they would have to list the fair market value,” Srinath said.
The pony was donated in exchange for 10 volunteer hours at Agape Therapeutic Riding Center.
“We encouraged them to list the price they indicated they would pay,” Srinath said.
“However, they ended up receiving the t-shirts entirely as a donation, about which the Code is clear – all donations must be listed as Contributions.”
Srinath’s not surprised by Amplify’s appeal because she says they made a mistake.
“We certainly do not believe this error was made with deceptive intent. Past election processes and errors that occurred likely served to confound the issue.”
The Election Committee and Amplify IUSA will meet with The Supreme Court Thursday at 7 pm at Maurer Law School in the Moot court room. If Amplify’s appeal is accepted, they will remain the winners. If it is denied, INTouch will take their place.
Author: Sydney Franklin, reporter/anchor

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