Social Media Helps Police Catch Robber


He goes by the name of French Gambino, Derrick Newbolt, an aspiring rapper is now behind bars for reportedly robbing a popular CVS on February 9th, then a smoke shop just two days later according to police.

Captain Joe Qualters is with the Bloomington Police Department and says pictures posted to his Instagram and tweets are what helped them connect 22 year old Newbolt to the two robberies.

“Social media and cell phone records have become critically important in investigations,” says Qualters.

During the CVS robbery, police say the suspect asked the clerk for help finding binders and notebooks.

“The clerk looked and saw there had been a gun secreted in one of the binders,” Qualters says, “at which point the individual  proceeded to display the weapon.”

Two days later, police say he robbed Wild Side Smoke Shop on the square.

Police say during both robberies Newbolt told the victims to wait to call police.

This time though, the store clerk recognized Newbolt as French Gambino, because he had been there before.They called police, tipping them off by giving them his alias.

Police find a picture of Newbolt holding a gun after digging around social media. The gun in the photo resembles the description of the weapon the witnesses provided. Later, police found a tweet with Newbolt’s new phone number telling his followers to message him to “hook up”.

“There was a lot of information that we were able to maintain from his social media,” Qualters said. “It just so happens that this time we caught him pretty fast.”

Newbolt is now behind bars at the Monroe County jail waiting for his first court hearing. Meanwhile, police are investigating if he has been involved in more robberies in Bloomington.


Author: Ruben Solis, reporter/anchor/producer


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