Just Another Day in Sports S2 Ep4 – Oct. 11th

After a 10 day hiatus, Justin, Alec and Doug are back with a chance to analyze this week’s top headlines. They start with the MLB as Justin gives an emotional monologue on his Braves collapse, Doug explains why he has caught the #Natitude, and why Alec is now the biggest Astros fan (0:43-25:23). 

After, the guys discuss Week 5 in the NFL with deeper analysis on the Falcons, Bears, and Jets (25:24-36:23). 

In College Football news, Michael Penix Jr. is the 16th best QB in the nation and Justin gives an update on his trip to Gainesville as he witnessed a sloppy FLA-AUB game (36:24-43:30). 

Finally, Overreactions (43:31-48:27) and Why we Love Sports this Week (48:28-51:17) in what ends up being Just Another Day in Sports.

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