Just Another Day in Sports S2 Ep3 – Sept. 30th

One day short of October, Justin, Alec and Doug discuss Week 4 of the NFL (0:41-23:53), Week 5 of CFB (23:54-33:42), and the beginning of the 2019 MLB Playoffs (33:43-47:28). 

Doug makes a case for the Bears to have the best defense in the league, Justin has given up on his Falcons already (?), and the other top games are analyzed.

They also dissect IU’s almost win at Michigan State and what it means going forward, Clemson’s almost loss, and even have a Mike Leach quote of the week.

The MLB Playoffs are broken down with a Power Rankings of the 10 playoff teams.

Finally, Overreactions (47:29-50:27) and Why We Love Sports This Week (50:28-54:07) in what ends up being Just Another Day in Sports.

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