IU Proposing Engineering Program

The Jacobs School of Music, Kelley School of Business,  and IU School of Public Health. All of these are programs that may come to mind when you hear, ‘Indiana University’. But a proposal for an engineering school is currently in the works that could be the first step to putting IU on a closer level with engineering schools throughout Indiana. The engineering program would branch off of IU’s School of Informatics and Computing.
According to Dean Bobby Schnabel, it would improve campus access for high performance computing and the ability for students to make tangible items. Some students we talked to believe the program would bring more students to IU and decrease the Engineering gap with Purdue.
IU Informatics and Computing Student, Ethan Yoder, says, “[In] Engineering, especially in informatics and computing…there’s a lot of jobs, and a lot of growing need for people that can create stuff, and that can code and create the next technology of the world”.
While IU student, Klev Sermonia, says, “With this being so young we have a chance to give kids a chance to explore their interests in engineering”. Dean Schnabel also says that if the plan was approved and implemented it’s first round of hiring would be for the fall 2016 semester and the program would contain a PHD and bachelors program.
Author: Jason McDonald, reporter

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