Executive Board Applications

We are now accepting Applications for the 2017 IUSTV Executive Board. Open Positions are listed below. Please email iustv@indiana.edu for a copy of the application. Applications are due February 24th, with selections done by March 6th.

Executive Director

  • Main point of contact for the Executive Board.
  • Must be organized, approachable, and willing to take on many different tasks.
  • Leads Executive Board meetings
  • Manages Executive Board and supports all members in accomplishing duties
  • Reaches out to other Organizations for help if needed
  • Works closely with Advisors
  • Organizes and Leads Advisory Board


Creative Content Producer (Entertainment Department)

The Content Producer will be responsible for:

  • The acquisition, development, and production of creative content to be produced on the IUSTV channel and online website.
  • The creation of at least two 10-15 minute television shows that run for the entire semester, each semester.
  • Additional content such as short films, commercials, and other creative content that is not required, but encouraged to exceed the two show requirement.
  • The Content Producer will also work closely with the Programming Director to construct production teams to create the content they have selected.
  • This position will work closely with the Programming Director on Pitch Days by evaluating the production potential of each show pitched and if the show is “picked up” determining the crew size and the total logistics of each production.
  • Co-leads Entertainment Department


Programming Director (Entertainment Department)

  • Co-leads Entertainment Department
  • Creates programming schedule
  • Manages broadcast
  • Collaborates with show producers
  • Works closely with Creative Content Producer
  • Reviews programming and schedules pitch day



Station Manager (Production Department)

  • Manage equipment including repairs, checkout system and new orders.
  • Manage production teams across newscast.
  • Manage production side of IU Dance Marathon live.
  • Work with technical directors involved in programs.
  • Work live stream for events.
  • Manage production teams involved with other branches of Executive Board.
  • Help train new members on how to use equipment in Ken and Audrey Beckley Studio and in the field.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of IUSTV official website.
  • Leads Production Department


Finance Director

  • Puts together a yearly budget, and a ledger of all payments and deposits to the SOA account.
  • Approves all purchases made for IUSTV.
  • Responsible for making sure to stay within budget.

Public Relations Director (PR/Marketing Department)

  • Co-leads PR/Marketing Department.
  • Works closely with Marketing Director.
  • Promotes all events on social media.
  • Handles social media accounts.
  • Assists in the ordering and selection of promo merchandise.
  • Handles all applications and communications with outside sources.
  • Must be a great communicator and planner.

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