Debate Summary: IUSA Student Government Elections Coming Up


Three IUSA tickets debated before the upcoming IUSA elections in April. The groups: Amplify, INtouch, and UNIFY, each spoke about their platforms and goals to make a better life for students.

“Everyone on our current ticket has been very involved in IUSA for most of their college careers,” says Nick Laszlo, Amplify’s presidential candidate.

Amplify’s platform primarily focused on increasing community engagement between the IU and Bloomington community.

“When you have a more connected student body, then you’re having a more cohesive experience and you’re able to get more students’ voices brought together and heard,” Laszlo says.

Anne Tinder, President of INtouch, says one of her platform’s plans is to increase the collaboration between campus communities. INtouch also wants to create a Global Information Systems map of campus to identify areas of concentrated crime to enhance campus safety.

“I think safety on a college campus is just in a girl to really aspect, every aspect of student life,” Tinder says.

UNIFY’s platform, ’16×16′, centers around 16 policy proposals aiming to be completed by 2016. The platform addresses affordability, safety, student empowerment, and social innovation.

“We’ve worked with administrators all across this campus, and student leaders, past and present at IUSA, to craft a truly representative agenda,” Ireland says.

Online ticket polls will be sent to student email addresses on April 8th and 9th.


Author: Stephanie Stremplewski, reporter

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