UPDATE: Fire Erupts Outside Village Deli on Kirkwood- Gallery and Employee Accounts

UPDATE: ** IUSTV called Bloomington Fire Department at approximately 11 AM on Monday, Feb. 2, for an update on the cause of this fire. No updates are available “until further notice.” Keep following IUSTV for continued coverage. **


Two Village Deli servers tell IUSTV News what happened when they realized there was a fire:


“All the employees were saying how it smelled like s’mores, but didn’t think anything of it because we figured it was burnt toast or something. And then suddenly, there was black smoke pouring out of the walk in cooler in the back. We stared, pretty stunned for second, and then quickly had to evacuate all of the customers and people there,” says Tessa Draper.


“I walked into the kitchen to get some drinks for my table and I thought it smelled a bit off. When I walked back out to my table to set the drinks down, the lights were flickering, which I thought was strange. Before I knew it, everyone was flooding towards the front of the restaurant talking about evacuating because of a fire. I couldn’t believe it was anything serious, but when I walked outside the Deli there were black clouds of smoke billowing above the restaurant. Everyone was evacuated and no one was injured. It seems like the interior of the restaurant was untouched, as the fire was contained to the back by the walk-in cooler outside,” says Marissa Hollander.


Look for the full story on Sunday’s fire outside Village Deli on this week’s Hoosier News Source.

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